My Love Affair With Tommy Hilfiger Watches

19 Apr

I still remember that fateful day when I first caught the sight of that pristine beauty. I was left wondering when would I be able to own her, flaunt her and claim her to be solely mine. Ah, well… do not let your mind conjure up images. ‘Her’ here refers to nothing but my first crush on the Tommy Hilfiger Watch.

Watches Collection 2013

The crush soon turned into an obsession to acquire her. After months of sheer hard work, or actually saving up all the pocket money, I gifted my first Tommy Hilfiger watch to myself on my birthday. Sigh! Many more Tommy Hilfiger Watches have since adorned my wrist, but that first one still holds a special place in my heart.

Owning a Tommy Hilfiger watch is not really such an uphill task anymore. Young men and women, there is absolutely no need to cut down on your expenses as, the premier online watch selling portal of India has such amazing offers that buying a Tommy Hilfiger watch online is a cakewalk. With unbelievable schemes, offers and discounts for its customers, no waiting for months now like I did years back. The eclectic Tommy watches collection which is on offer makes the customer spoilt for choices. Whether you are looking for men’s, women’s or unisex watches, all your questions will be answered at one single place.

My latest Tommy possession is model no. TH1781266/D. This gem of a piece is set in stainless steel, with a gold and silver band, with a round dial. Watchkart’s priceless EMI scheme made me purchase her without even blinking my eyelid once. What’s more, there was also a 10% discount attached to the product which definitely made it an impossible-to-let-go deal. So, while I’m jotting down my thoughts for you, this beauty rests on my wrist.

Now while glancing through the entire collection on, my eyes went straight to model no. TH1710311/D. Brown leather strap and white round dial with the trademark Tommy Hilfiger logo, it pulled the right heartstrings for me. Like in all other cases, had a 10% discount attached to this suave timepiece along with an equally attractive payment scheme. The only glitch… it was a Tommy Hilfiger watch for men. So what, the doting daughter that I am, I booked it online for my daddy dear whose birthday is, well, still a few months away!

Cool Watches for Girls

So, enough of my love for Tommy Hilfiger watches! Before the deals and offers get over or I log in again for a fresh round of purchase… hurry, own a piece of priceless possession if you haven’t already. Every soul on this earth deserves to own at least one Tommy Hilfiger. This is the word of a true blue fan!


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3 responses to “My Love Affair With Tommy Hilfiger Watches

  1. watchkart1

    April 19, 2013 at 6:35 am

    Wow…. Nice Collection of Party Wear Watches

  2. Ajay Rawat

    April 20, 2013 at 10:40 am

    Great Info…. I like both Pics…

  3. Police Watches: Drive You Crazy

    April 27, 2013 at 6:06 am

    brand name is extremely important to determine the quality of the watch.


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